Thursday, 31 January 2013

Numero Uno

Hi chicas!
I've decided to delete all my old posts to start afresh! So this will be me introducing myself.
I'm Rebecca but most people call me Becka or Becks (Rebecca is what I like to call my phone voice. Haha). I'm 25 years old (26 in March. Eeek!) and I still live at home with my parents in Kent. I have a lovely boyfriend whom I've been with for 5 1/2 years.
I work in the financial industry and have been for quite a few years - though unfortunately I was made redundant in June 2011 and I couldn't find anything. I did end up working in a lovely local pub for about a year. Then, luck would have it, I got my old job back - nearly a year to the date! How freaky! Haha. I couldn't be happier though.
I love make-up (I've got too much of it but I'll save that for a different post), I also enjoy films, books, going out with friends, seeing my family and obviously, seeing my lovely fella.

Well, I can't think of what else to write about myself so I'll sign off now.

Have a great evening, much love